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  • Underground Dog fences

    Many dog owners who are eager to keep their lawn undamaged by dogs and dog spots are interested in underground dog fencing which has got many advantages when compared with other methods. The first important reason why people are getting attracted towards this is the fact that this fence being underground is invisible and will not interfere with your landscape structure. Also, this is an effective way to keep dogs away. During many a property inspection Sydney property inspectors have encouraged this as the best method to build a dog free landscape model. The underground dog fence is having a boundary wire that goes around your property and that emits a radio signal. A special collar is there for your dog to wear so that it picks up these radio signals. If the dog gets too close to the property border, this collar emits a warning beep. If the dog continues to approach the property border even after the signal is heard, it receives a static correction. Your dog needs a bit of training to stay within the boundary.

    And there is also another advantage of this fence that you need not always make it underground. If you cannot dig the place to put the wire under ground, you could use lawn staples and secure the wire to the ground. Also, you need not have to worry about the wire since it is pretty robust and can endure a bit of light traffic. However you could save your boundary wire from lawn mowers if you bury it. It also hides the wire away from sight. Anyway burial is not necessary to create this protective system.