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Crabgrass and dandylions

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  • Crabgrass and dandylions

    Another question for you all. I know there have been a lot of questions that I have asked and I appoligize :D.

    My grassed off area is aprox 1 acre and it is LOADED with crab grass. I live in south central Pennsylvania and I want to get rid of the crab grass and get it looking grand without breaking the bank, or tearing it all out and resoding it (as my step-father in law suggested).

    Is there a good "weed and feed" I can use for the yard that would kill off the weeds and promote the grass growth?

    It seems like everytime I mow the yard I simply mow weeds with a little grass here and there. There are a LOT of birds, groundhogs, and rabbits that eat seeds and such I put down. I don't want to put anything down that might kill any of the animals. Personally I don't mind if the rabbits and groundhogs get a few things out of my garden. I grow more than I can use anyway so I really don't want to harm them.

    Thank you in advance,


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    Hi Keith,

    Did you ever get any help with this?