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  • lawn nightmare!

    [align=left]would really value some advice about my lawn!* it isn't large, but it appears to be composed largely of dandelions!* i don't have the first idea what to do with it, and don't know whether to dig 'em up, leave them, or what?* so far, i have been mowing it down, so at least it looks green!* closer examination, though.....nightmare![/align]
    [align=left]help, please?* newt?* anyone?* [/align]

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    Hey Sama,

    Did you ever get many tomatoes from your hanging plant?* :)

    As to your lawn, there are a couple of different ways to go here.* As you already know I'm not one to spray pesticides and herbicides so I don't recommend them.* Besides, it would take time for the weeds to die off and you will still need to rake them up or remove them somehow.* If it were my small lawn I would strip off the weeds and whatever grass is there with a flat shovel or sod cutter, add a 3" or 4" layer of compost, till it in and either put down sod or seed.* Fall is the best time to plant a lawn in the northern hemisphere.* You should be able to rent the sod cutter, till and lawn roller.* Here in the US most places will deliver, show you how to use them and pick up for a small additional fee.

    Sod cutters are heavy and can be difficult to use so either find a handsome young man with nice muscles or rent one that is self propelled.* :dude:* Here's what they look like.

    Here's sites on how to do all this along with a large rake you can make for smoothing out large areas and how to maintain your lawn organically.* The prep for sod or seeding is the same.


    Oh, the sod is heavy so get that muscled young man to help you or use a back brace and lift with your knees.* Been there, done that with my hubby.* :shock:



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      [align=left]newt!* how wonderful!!!* i want one of THOSE fulltime!!* LOL![/align]
      [align=left]yup!* got LOTS of lovely cherry tomatoes, and then....oh do i admit this on a GARDENING FORUM?* to water the tomatoes.* [/align]
      [align=left]okay.* i'm hiding my face now![/align]
      [align=left]bless you for the advice, but fiscally it's impossible at the moment!* and i have also acquired a little rescue pup, whose entire interest is focused on DIGGING!* suppose i could get her to do it for me, lol![/align]
      [align=left]so far, i've been removing the individual weeds, with my trusty speedy weedy.* now, i have a lawn full of holes.* so i cut it very short.* and discovered a large chunk out of the blade.[/align]
      [align=left]checkmate, i fear.* temporarily.* [/align]
      [align=left]i've got one of those rollers with spikes on.* would that help?[/align]
      [align=left]by the way, the tomatoes were WONDERFUL!* absolutely delicious!* i got loads, and ended up adding them to a delightful tomato and wine and other herby stuff sauce!* i could have cheerfully eaten all of it![/align]


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        Sama, you want one of what full time, the sod cutter or the muscled young man?* LOL* ;)*

        Forgot to water the tomatoes?* I'm sending out the 'cruelty to tomatoes' police!* I am glad you enjoyed the ones you were able to harvest though.

        Rescue pup?* How wonderful!!!* I volunteer in animal rescue, have 4 rescued dogs and two cats and always tell folks to adopt a rescue instead of buying a dog or cat.* To help keep her from digging you should try and walk her at least twice a day and try and get her to retrieve a ball for you.* Often dogs that dig are bored even though they may have an entire yard loaded with toys.* Exercise helps with that boredom.

        Do you have any grass in your yard or is it all weeds?* Maybe you could renovate a section at a time by hand.* Just dig out the weeds, put down the compost,* mix it in with a shovel, level and seed.* Would that be doable?



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          [align=left]newt!!* the sod cutter, of COURSE....NOT!!![/align]
          [align=left]oh believe me, my angel gets walked until her legs nearly fall off, and she STILL DOESN'T RUN OUT OF ENERGY!* she doesn't understand playing yet, but i hope that she will!* at the moment, if i try to play tug with her and a toy, she just surrenders it.* i hate to think what was done to her.* she does, however, adore digging!* she has just excavated another hole in the flowerbed, and is working on the lawn too![/align]
          [align=left]great idea about bit by bit.* thank you.* that is indeed doable!* and i will doable it![/align]
          [align=left]what WOULD i do without a newt to consult?[/align]
          [align=left]many thanks as always![/align]


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            Sama, so glad I could help!* :D** You might try a kong with small treats inside and a peanut butter 'plug' to keep her occupied.* No, not the giant gorilla!* :shock:*

            Maybe a special place where she can dig.* I've got an idea.**:dude:* This site has loads of info and ideas.* Here's the one on digging.

            Here's their main articles on dog behavior problems.

            More good info from them.

            For anyone reading along, this site also has lots of info about behavior problems, diseases, etc. on other pets too.

            As to doing the lawn in small areas, you will probably have to keep 'Angel' off those areas until the grass has matured enough to withstand four paws and she learns where to dig.



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              I am a bit confused.* Are you wanting to renovate your entire lawn? We need more information. What type of grass, what part of the country are you in?* I would not recommend tilling in most cases and the sod cutter is making a lot of extra work for yourself.** Need input.


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                [align=left]i'm in the united kingdom, quirky.* i only have a very small lawn, too, but it would be nice to have it composed of more than dandelions and other unidentified horrors!* at the moment, i am just enquiring for information, because i haven't gardened for a very long time, and have only been here a year!* the flowerbeds are coming along well, but the grass is turning to a combo of moss and dandelions at a rate of knots!* [/align]
                [align=left]newt - many thanks for the info.* i have a lot of hard work ahead of me, i guess!* as it's been so hot here, i rather think that she is actually digging to cool herself down in the lower layers of earth.* ho hum!* she has shade aplenty, water, an outdoor kennel, and a deranged human mother!* but between us, we will conquer the lawn![/align]
                [align=left]the tomatoes were yummy, thank you!* i only sprayed them with something nasty once, and they recovered incredibly well from the mites![/align]
                [align=left]thank you for your help, folks![/align]


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                  Growing a healthy lawn is a lot of work, but well worth it. The big thing is to get the grass so thick and tough that it crowds out weeds, such as dandelions. Here's a link to an article with a good overview: