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New house 1/2 acre covered with stickers

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  • New house 1/2 acre covered with stickers

    Bought new house last summer. We have stickers (burr and really sharp kind) everywhere.* What are some cure all treatments or plans?* Daughter is 3 and I need all stickers GONE! Live in OK - new member - Zone 7

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    Hi Cdowis,

    There are so many different types of burrs.* Do you have another name for them?* Could they be puncturevine?* Take a look at this post to see if this is what you are talking about.

    Someone just posted this site on another question about this weed.* I haven't checked into it at all so I don't know how helpful it would be.



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      The goathead burrs are terrible--we have them all over up here, and my dog's feet have suffered for it. The best way we've found to control these weeds is to apply pre-emerent in the spring when the ground thaws out, or if you don't have freeing weather, before things begin to sprout. Pull out any that sprout (using gloves:shock:*of course!) If all else fails, Here's al ink to an article about re-doing your lawn entirely.

      I've considered this, but can't seem to muster the time, energy, or money to get it done!