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    Hi There,
    I really need help. I can not get my African Violets to flower again. I have about 12 different kinds and I can not get the flowers back.Please help!

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    African Violets not blooming

    Not blooming has to do with Food-Water- light and temperature. In the Spring, they like to be near a sunny window. In the Winter, a light that is left on a few hours will do. Now food and water, Drops of A.Violet blossom food is liquid, usually and should be put in the water of all your adult Violets.
    If you have clipped a few leaves for sprouting, from each one, the plants will be in some stress. If the stocks are bare, leaning or teetering, don't throw them out, re-cycle them. Get a flared deepish vase with about an inch of tepid water in. Carefully hold the stock and clip it about 1/2 -3/4" from the lowest leaf stem and carefully drop it into the vase, to grow some new roots on the underside if the plant. Put the name and color on tape on the vase. When the roots are about 2"s long, repot in new pot & soil made for violets ,(with peat included) I use Violet & Cactus potting soil mixed. Give them about 2 weeks to get used to their home with some mild Organic Fish tank water, added to tepid distilled or clean rain water, once a week. Tap water is not good for houseplants. Now give them the 8-14-9 liquid plant food in their water.
    I have had even baby plants with 2 leaves shoot up a single flower when watered with the mothers water. Now where to put them? About 2-3' from a lightly curtained sunny window, not in direct sunlight. You should see tiny buds near the centre, in a couple weeks. This is from my experience.
    The younger plants should not need recycling. All A. Violets should be watered from the plant saucer under the pot. Never mist or drop water on the leaves. They should drink up all the water in the saucer, and if any is left pour it out.
    Good Luck and God Bless you with your plants.
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