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    Hi, i bought a d.fragrans on the 18th march,* there are 4canes in the pot.

    Its really tight >.<

    I would love to repot, but the root system is not that well established, only covers like half of the pot. I want to repot because they are placed touching each other, with one can having only one leaf head, and the ones that a sprouting has no space to grow... Is it ok if i repot NOW? and spread out the 4 canes into a MUCH BIGGER pot???

    Ow ya, if so, what soil should i use? Must I add any topsoil? Fertilisers? This is my first time owning a plant. I really love the broad leaves of d.fragrans

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    Hi Budakfloppy,

    Since you've had it a month now, you could go ahead and repot it and separate the canes.* Since you've never done this before here's some helpful hints.

    Do this about 3 or 4 days after you've watered.* You don't want to do this if the soil is saturated or if it's very dry as that can stress a plant.

    After you take it out of the pot you will have to gently tease the roots apart.* Be sure to plant at the same depth it was planted before.

    After repotting water well so the water runs out the drainage holes and don't let it sit in water for more then 10 or 15 minutes.

    Dracaena fragrans is not a fast growing plant, but you can fertilize once a month year round.* I prefer an organic fertilizer such as fish emulsion or fish emulsion mixed with seaweed.* I also will water with cooled veggie cooking water or cooled water from steaming veggies if no salt or anything else was added to the water.* I also use milk.* When I finish a container of milk, I add water and use that to water my plants.* It works especially well with flowering houseplants.

    Most potting soils now come with slow release fertilizer already added so look carefully at the bag.* These fertilizers are synthetic and are like steroids for your plants.* I prefer the organic ones that are gentle and contain more minerals.* If all you can find is potting soil with added slow release fertilizers, DO NOT fertilize for at least 3 months or you risk burning the roots of your plant.

    *I use Osmocote for my annuals I plant in the ground outdoors or my potted annuals if it's not already in the potting soil.* Osmocote is one brand and looks like these little round balls in the soil.* You can purchase it in different sizes and with different formulations.

    Here's how to repot.



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      Hey! THANKS ALOT!

      Hahaz, yeah I have repotted my plant, hope all goes well, I used burnt earth, sieved it, and mix it with a lil bit of normal potting soil... Thanks again.


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        I've not used burnt earth, but hopefully you mixed in some perlite if it didn't have any.* The idea is so the soil won't get compacted in the pot.* Soil in potted plants tend to get compacted over time.* That's why perlite is mixed in.



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          [align=left]hi again.[/align]
          [align=left]Im in trouble again, I didn't add perlite or anything in the soil, and since i sieved my burnt earth, my soil becomes very very compact when it has dried from watering.[/align]
          [align=left]Currently my plant is doing fine, foliage is getting better though there are no sprouts yet. But i worry about the compact soil, its like hardened mud, I cant even poke my finger through it. Is it ok if i just let it be?[/align]


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            I would suggest you unpot the plant, remove the burnt earth and use organic potting soil with perlite added for drainage.** Or you could make a mix of compost and burnt earth.* You would need to do some research on what proportions to use.* From what I'm reading burnt earth should be used as an addition to potting soil as a fertilizer.* It's basically clay soil with all the moisture removed.* Do a google with terms such as:
            burnt earth + soil
            burnt earth + potting soil