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  • Help Identifying please!

    I somehow inherited a new houseplant from my Nana. She had bought it from our local supermarket and they are famous for not attaching a tag with a name or care instructions. I have searched several databases and found nothing remotely close to what it looks like. The leaves are very glossy and the stalks are very woody and thin. Some of the leaves were starting to brown so I repotted it and it was very potbound. Its only been a week or so since* I've had it but I'm concerned* that I'll inadvertantly kill the poor thing. It does have some new growth* so thats a good sign.

    I also have had this other plant for almost a year. It is growing wonderfully but I am curious to what it actually is. Its store tag said "tropical plant" that is helpful huh? Is this a Dumb Cane? It seemed the closest from the database I viewed.* The new leaves start off green then get whiter in the center as they grow. Its about 15 inches tall.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Crystal Clover,

    I don't know what your first plant is but the second one looks like Dieffenbachia 'Camille'.'Camilla'.jpg

    For your first one feel free to look through the pics at this site.* Click on a letter and then you can point to the name for a thumbprint and click on the name for a larger pic and growing info.

    I'd love to know if you id it.