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Dracaena Fragrans yellow spots and brown tips

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  • Dracaena Fragrans yellow spots and brown tips

    I have a Dracaena Fragrans that I got from my wifes classroom. It thrived there, was a lush green and about 5 ft tall. I moved it to a corner office with lots of windows facing south and east. I assume it is getting much more light than before, some direct in the mornings and evenings.

    Since then it has gradually gained yellow spots and patches that turn brown. The ends of leaves are turning brown, with some eventually dying back to the stem.

    I am looking for ideas of what can be wrong, and if I can do anything to help. Can I prune back and let it start over in it's new light environment? It is pretty ugly by now...


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    you can prune it back and let it start over, and you can also plant
    what you have cut off. I would experiment a bit with the growing
    medium, you may have something that doesn't drain well enough,
    or possibly the opposite, that it gets too dry.
    Dracaenas can take a good amount of water, to the point that you
    can grow them in a vase (e.g. lucky bamboo, which is a dracaena),
    but I'm not sure how well they tolerate a growing medium other than water
    that is continuously wet - or dry.

    Dracaena is a tropical and as such used to getting a lot of light.


    (we have our dracaenas in the yard here)


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      I have one bamboo that also did the same thing , wondering if i can cut that corner at the top and let it start over ! I have a couple of them i keep in the house , i just placed one in soil , which was what someone told me was* part of the probem with the color !


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        The replies you got from Newt are good ones, and yes, you can treat lucky bamboo just like any other dracaena.

        (the same one as above in this thread)