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new Madagascar Jasmine plant - Need Help

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  • new Madagascar Jasmine plant - Need Help

    i bought a new Madagascar Jasmine plant but it's not in the greatest shape. this is my first plant and i don't want to kill it. i'm not sure what the problems are and was hoping somebody here could help me.

    the stems leading to the flowers are yellow. what causes this? what can i do to fix it? are these flowers going to die?

    also the flower buds are a little bit brown. i'm assuming this is because it wasn't getting enough water but with more water will this fix it or will they just die?

    i gave it some fertilizer called miracle grow ultra bloom. is this good to use or could somebody recommend a good fertilizer for this plant.

    the spot i have the plant in gets an hour of sun in the morning and is pretty bright the rest of the time does this sound like a good spot?

    i've only had the plant a few days but i figure i'll water it every other day and mist it once a day in the summer. does this sound right?

    any other advice you can give me would be great or sites you could recommend.