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  • umbrella plant

    I have an indoor umbrella plant that stands approx 11-12 feet tall. It is amost touching our ceiling.

    We would like to cut it down and plant the cutoff in the same pot to create a fuller looking plant. We don't know what would be the best way of cutting it, or where to cut it so that it doesn't go into shock and die.

    Can you tell me how to shorten it properly and how to get roots on the cut part so I can plant it?

    Thank you, Connie

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    Hi Connie,

    There are several plants called umbrella plant, but I suspect your plant is a variety of Schefflera.

    Your plant is a tree and the only way to make it look fuller at the base would be to root cuttings and plant them as you have mentioned. You can prune newer growth that hasn't hardened bark and try and root that with a rooting hormone or by air layering.