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What ate my hostas, do you think?

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  • What ate my hostas, do you think?

    Over the weekend, some critter got in a pot of tulips and tore them up for the roots. I suspect squirrels. The same critter ate up some nearby hostas, not right to the ground but chewed up badly.
    What do you think ate this stuff? Also, will the hostas revive themselves or are they done for the season now?

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    I can't remember where you live. It would help if you added your state and hardiness zone to your post. If you are in the deep south, your hostas might not respond well this year. If you are in zone 7 or lower, they could send up new shoots if the weather is cool enough.

    I suspect it might be deer. They think hostas are delicious! They also eat tulips and love daylilies.



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      Deer? Scary; you are probably right. I live in the woods! This would be the first year of 15 years that they've touched them.
      What would be a deterant? I put some Allium in last fall. Any potions you know of? I have 37 varieties on my property and can't lose them!! :cry: Thanks for the help, Newt.


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        Wow, 37 varieties of hosta. I'm jealous!! There are things that you can try to apply as a deterrent, but you need to keep doing it everytime it rains. I've heard of the soap idea, but I don't know how good that works. My personal favorites are either deer fence or netting (bird or deer netting) covering the plants that can't easily be seen. A friend of mine did the netting in the end when other things didn't work. Whatever was sticking through the netting was nibbled.

        Good luck,


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          Ah! From one Michigander to another, you got deer. They'll eat hosta's to the ground and other things that you woulldn't believe. I have deer all over my place. They would snack on my marigolds and geraniums, have a main meal on my hostas and have my day lilies for dessert. In short, nearly everything is food for them. I found something called "Liquid Fence" that does the trick. It is supposed to simulate wolf urine. You just need a small squirt about once a week and after it rains. I've been using it for three years now and know that it works. Hey! Maybe thats why the butterflies are staying away. Nawwww! I don't spray near the butterfly bush's.