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bugs on my hybiscus

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  • bugs on my hybiscus

    [align=left]HI, I am new to having hybiscus trees.* MY first was a small braided one with peach color flowers.* I saved it from a store.* It was a big dry clump of dirt with withered*leaves and I fertilized and watered and it is so pretty now.[/align]

    [align=left]I decided to get another hybiscus tree from a different place.* This has red fluffy looking flowers. I bought my friend one two the same day, same place*and hers is beautiful.* Mine is having problems.** [/align]

    [align=left]I did everything I did with my 1st one but it only gave me one bloom that fell off before it could fully even open.* As it got worse I decided to put it in a bigger pot and see if that helped even though it was in* large one already.* I don't know what I found but I was in shock:shock:.* As I lifted it*out of the pot I saw I swear hundreds of little white worms.* I got a trash bag and took all the dirt off that I could*and put new soil.* It looked like it was doing better and then it got worse again.* The leaves started wilting and turning yellow. I started noticing I thought little black bugs or flies.* The man at the store said "Seven" was what he recommended because it wouldn't hurt my tree.* I have used it twice and I think its helping and then it see all these little white flies and today I found a leaf folded in half and I picked it off and opened it to discover all this white fuzzy stuff with I know they were eggs.[/align]

    [align=left]It has spread to both my trees.* Is there anymore I can do? Should I spray more than once a week?* I don't soak the plant just wet the leaves because I didn't want to give too much.* I worked so hard to save my 1st one I am just sick.* I know the spray is helping the big one is much better but as sson as it perks up the critters are back and it starts looking bad again.* My little one now has them (Where I picked the leave off of) but it is pretty with about nine little blooms coming and I am afraid I will never get to see them.** Is this a loosing battle?[/align]

    [align=left]I looked up and found white flies but are the little black ones something different were the worms them or is that a different critter all together.[/align]

    [align=left]I have to take them in this winter because it is to cold here and I have alot of indoor plants that I am afraid this could spread to them also?[/align]

    [align=left]Sorry this is so long, like I said I am new and so lost right now.* Any help would be so appreciated.:)** Thank you![/align]

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    Hi Dizzydee,

    I'm wondering if you have more then one problem going on.* Fungal gnats come to mind with what you saw in the soil and small black flies.

    Hibiscus is also prone to thrips and they will cause bud drop.* Stress will also cause bud drop as well as too much fertilizer.

    More helpful growing info on hibiscus.

    I'd love to hear what you think might be the problem.