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  • Quince?

    Any tips on growing quince?

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    Hey Yard Food. Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area.
    I have not grown quince, but here is what the Sunset Western Garden
    Book says, and I quote.

    “These pear relatives need little winter chill to be productive, and they
    make good landscape plants (especially the highly ornamental Chinese species).
    Need good drainage. Do not use high-nitrogen fertilizer, which promotes
    succulent growth susceptible to fire blight. Fruit is borne on new growth; little
    pruning is required beyond initial shaping and periodic thinning to keep
    plant’s center open to sunlight.”
    “ Slow grower to 10-25 ft. high and wide. Avoid deep cultivation near trunk; this
    damages shallow roots and causes suckers. Remove any suckers that sprout around
    base of tree; they rarely bear fruit and tend to weaken the tree.”
    “ ‘Apple’ (‘Orange’). This variety is an old favorite. Round fruit with tender
    orange-yellow flesh.
    ‘Aromatnaya’. Round; sweet yellow flesh that tastes like pineapple. Can be
    thinly sliced and eaten fresh.
    ‘Cooke’s Jumbo’. Pear-shaped fruit with white flesh. Can be nearly twice the
    size of other quinces.
    ‘Havran’. Large and pear shaped, with very sweet white flesh.
    ‘Pineapple’. Roundish, with tender white flesh that tastes like pineapple.
    ‘Smyrna’. Round to oblong fruit with white flesh; strongly aromatic.
    ‘Van Deman’. Large, oblong fruit; yellow flesh with spicy flavor.”

    I hope that helps. Take care.


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      Thanks. I don't have the paper that said what variety they are but we didn't get ornamental. We did get some good (for them, I suppose) cold this winter. We shall see. They are still small. We got them bare root as small plants to begin with.