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    I'm growing a Bhut Jolokia plant aka Ghost Pepper plant. I started it from seed. Here's what I've learned so far for anyone interested:

    Check the Ph of your water. The tap water I was using was about Ph 8. The leaves on my plant were turning brown on the tips, then turning brown all over and falling off. I read a tip somewhere that Bhut Jolokia's need a Ph of 6.5 or so, I made the adjustment and now the leaves look awesome!

    Anyway here's my question: Does anyone know how these pollinate? I'm growing mine indoors for two reasons; 1. It's still too cold outside to grow it and 2. I've heard their spiciness is directly proportional to humidity so I'm trying to keep the air very moist (I may pay for this later!). My plant is starting to flower and I was wondering if I have to do anything to pollinate it. If anyone wants to see my plant as of a couple weeks ago you can check it out here: YouTube - LED Jungle Light Vid.mpg

    Thanks for any pointers!