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Help ID'ing a Cactus

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  • Help ID'ing a Cactus

    [align=left]This creature just appeared in my garden this summer.* After trying to move it, and spending the next hour removing the spines from my fingers, I decided it could stay.* I'm now quite fond of it and would like to protect it somewhat if possible from a great lakes winter.* Any ideas what it is and how I could protect it over winter?* Thanks, Bill Streeter[/align]

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    Hi Bill,

    You have a prickly pear cactus.* To transplant you should fold several layers of newspaper and wrap the plant with it.* You can also break off some of the pads and transplant them where you want them.* You can also use tongs, but be careful not to puncture the pads.

    I would suggest you edit your post and remove your e-mail addy from public view.* That's how you get spam and most folks that answer questions on public forums don't write to private e-mail addys.* You can receive instant e-mail notification of a reply when you make a post.* If you didn't do that you can click on 'Watch Topic' at the bottom of the post.