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  • Gladiolus

    A friend from down the road gave me some 'glad' bulbs last year and i have been wanting to plant them.* The bulbs are kind of small and with most of them there doesn't seem to be much there if you understand what i mean, maybe they are supposed to be like that. they seem so light i just don't know if they'll grow. Are they suppopsed to be like that, do you know?:?

    When can i plant them?

    Where should i plant them, sun or shade or partial sun/shade?

    How deep should i plant them?

    Is there anything special i should do for helping them get started?

    Please help me out and share some advice, i have never grown anything from bulbs so i dont' know how they will do, any advice will help!!!

    thanks in advance

    Reba* ;)

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    Gladiolus are really a corm and not a bulb.* That's why they look so small.* There are hardy glads and tender glads.* The hardy ones will return each year but don't look much like their tender relatives which are tall with lots of flowers to a stem.

    This site will explain how to grow your glads.



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      Glads have been one of my favorite bulbs forever. They're muy facile to grow, and have some of the most spectacular flowers in the garden. A healthy set of Glads (what did you think I was gonna say?) are gonna get a ton of comments. They also make one of the gardens best cut flowers, and will last quite a long time in a vase. My small secret (that ain't all that secret) when planting: sprinkle a little bone meal in with the dirt at the bottom of the hole. Just a pinch per corm, and then cover it up with a thin layer of dirt, so that the corm isn't sitting right on top of it. You will get years of appreciation from your Glads. Attached are some potted Glads in the light of a Baja dusk.
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