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Looking for the perfect perennial...any ideas?

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  • Looking for the perfect perennial...any ideas?

    I am zone 6-7. I really want something that is feathery, flowers, and blooms all season. Where I am looking to plant gets sun in one corner but part sun in another. My soil is good... I would like something with height.

    The above would be the perfect perennial for me. Any ideas???

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    not many perrenials bloom all season, maybe try for a succession of bloom instead?

    The best one I can think of which would fill all of your criteria though is the cranesbill geranium. many different cultivars. some quite tall. beautifull, neat and tidy clumps of pretty foliage. very long blooming. come in a number of colors includings pinks, blues, purples and whites.

    Valarian, sages/perrenial salvias and echinacias are also very long-blooming perrenials.
    Fern-leafed dicentras or bleeding hearts have lovely feathery foliage and pretty flowers with a long bloom time. not super tall though.
    many roses bloom all season which may work well also.
    all would be hardy in your Zone.
    my 2 cents worth from Canada. :)