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  • Tradescantia -Purple Dome

    Hello This is my first foray into the gardening forum. I was in my garden today, zone 4a at best and I have a Tradescantia or Spiderwort to many, and I just don't know what to do with it at this time of year. There are no blooms and it is looking very ragged. Does anyone out there have this same problem. Do I cut it back to neaten it up or just leave it. If I cut just the seed heads off will it rebloom??? Help if you can. Thanking you in advance. Happy gardening, Kepet

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    I'm not sure when you freeze up there, but I just whack the tops off, very aggressively at times. I might even halve the height of the tradescantias and they will rebloom for me easily. But then, I live in Zone 9b. I think I cut mine a couple of weeks ago, and they are blooming again. Common wildflower down here though.


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      Purple dome

      Thanksfor the information. We can get our first frost at any time now. We have had such a rotten summer that I would not be suprised if it came tonight. I will just cut them back for now but I don't have any hope of them reblooming again this year. But they are such a pretty plant when they are in full bloom. I will just have to wait until next year. Thanks again, Kepet