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  • Introducing Aquaponics

    If you haven't yet discovered Aquaponic gardening, this post will be a real treat.
    Aquaponics is a food growing technology that marries aquaculture (farming fish) with hydroponics (growing vegetables in water) to create the best of both of those worlds right in your backyard (in most climates, you will need a greenhouse or an enclosed growhouse).

    Once you have your protected environment created (think garage, basement, metal shed, greenhouse), you can garden all year long because you're in charge of the climate. The food fish you raise in tanks and they fertilize the vegetables you raise in grow beds. All the water is continuously recirculated between these two components, grow beds and fish tanks.

    Aquaponics uses 90% less water than traditional gardening because all the water is kept in the system and reused over and over. Now, some evaporates and the plants up take some also, so, of course, you need to add water; but the water you use to grow vegetables is one tenth of what it would take to grow them in the ground.

    This year I'm adding two soil outdoor grow beds to our yard, so I'll be doing both soil gardening and Aquaponics. I really want to grow corn; and it's too tall for our greenhouse. So, I'm putting the corn outside. My partner and I have posted six really extensive and educational articles on our Aquaponics USA Blog about this subject.

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