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Having pest control issues. First time organic gardner!

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  • Having pest control issues. First time organic gardner!

    Hello All,
    This is my first time gardening, and I am trying to do it organically. i am in Denver, colorado and have been dealing with numerous pests. I sprayed my zucchini and eggplant plants one morning with a natural insecticide (from a book i have) made with crushed hot peppers, murphy's oil soap, vegetable oil, and water. The very next day, I noticed the plants had been virtually eaten alive! The solution I had sprayed had killed numerous little black bugs (you can see them in the photo). But when I shook the leaves on a white sheet of paper, little golden brown bugs appeared with wings that flew away.
    Any ideas on what these pests are? I think they may be flea beetles, although I'm not sure. Also, anyone know of a better organic solution? Thanks so much in advance!!
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