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    I have a basil plant that is getting eaten alive by a bug.* All of my other plants are doing fine in that area.* But my basil has holes all over.* How do I get rid of whatever is eating it, and does anyone have an idea of what may be eating it?* I live in N. GA.* in a wooded area by a lake.* I have heard of garlic and hot peppers brewed should kill them but I don't know how to do that.* Any sugestions?

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    Hi Newtoitall,

    First it's best to know thine enemy before you start spraying.* I suspect you may have slugs since you don't mention seeing any pest.* These pests appear at night.* There are a couple of ways to find out and several organic ways of dealing with them.*

    You could set out grapefruit or orange peel halves.* In the morning check to see if they're hiding under them.* A damp board will also be a place they will hide under.

    If you have any beer you could put some in a small margarine type container.* Just an inch or so and set it next to the plants in the evening.* Check in the morning to see if you have any that have drowned.* If so, that is your pest.* You can set out containers of beer for them and empty them daily.* Diatomaceous earth also works well.* You will need the food grade and wear a mask so you don't breathe in the dust.* Here's more ideas for dealing with slugs.

    If that's not it, lmk and I'll do more searching.


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      do slugs also eat broccolli?* I havent noticed until just now, but those leaves have small holes in them too!*


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        They sure do.



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          If you want to get rid of slugs, place eggshells around the plant. Slugs cannot crawl over the shells. If slugs are the problem, this should eliminate them.


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            Slugs are easy to get rid of, cut the bottom off a plastic bottle to about 3 inches tall and set it 1.5 inches in the ground, and fill it half full of beer. NO kidding! the slugs will go to it like bees to a hive, and drown in happiness!.

            Egg shells work as well, but I use Diatomaceous Earth, a fine dust that is microscopic ground up sea shells and it is so abrasive on the insects that it just kills them ( I wont describe how.. this is a family channel..)

            Another thing to do is soil remineralization, just google it.. your plants will love you for it.

            Cheers.. Tim


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              Hi Tim,

              Great ideas.* I do hope you wear a dust mask when using diatomaceous earth.* It's harmful to breathe it into your lungs.



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                Daitomaceous earth or diatoms is a good bug eliminator but it has use for aquarium filtration as well, especially for freshwater.

                I believe diatomaceous earth works so well because it cuts then dehydrates the insects, except for fleas and could be expensive overtime but i cant recall how long it lasts.


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                  # lways use clean pots and planters when repotting
                  # Always use sterile potting soil. Using garden soil can have disastrous effects.
                  # Isolate any new plants for a month or so, and check them frequently for signs of insects or disease. This also applies to any of your plants that may have been outside for the summer.
                  # Promptly remove dead flowers or leaves.
                  # Give your plant a bath now and then with a soft cloth and a little soapy lukewarm water.
                  # Examine your plants now and then, don't wait for them to start looking sad. Use a magnifying glass to look for mites
                  Proper feeding, care and fresh air make a healthy plant which is more resistant to insect problems.