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    My dad was having problems with something eating around the branches on his trees (mostly maple) and causing the branches to weaken or possibly fall.* He says they are called GIRDLE WORMS, where he got this name I'm not sure.** Anyway, he ask me if I could find any information about them.***The spelling may be wrong, or they might be*called something different entirely.* If anyone has an idea what might be doing this please let me know.*** Thanks.

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    Gogrowth, your dad has part of the name correct.* They are called twig girdler.* There is also a pest called twig pruner.* The adult is a beetle in both cases.* At the second site you can have the pleasure of looking at photos of the different stages of life.



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      I will print off the information and give to Dad. Thanks again for finding the information I was looking for. I have learned more from this website in a couple of days then I have from all of the others.

      Thanks Again