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  • Please help this gardening rookie... :)


    I recently bought a house, and I am looking at the garden out back and have no idea what most of the plants are in the garden. I'm hoping that someone can help me identify the plants so I can figure out what best to do to keep them alive (and what I want to keep etc).



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    922 forget me nots
    923 Viola reichenbachiana


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      Not sure what zone you are in, and that could make a difference, but I'd say #922 is Myosotis arvensis. I had originally thought it was snow in summer (Cerastium tomentosum), but now that I've seen it on a different monitor the blue flowers make me change my mind. That's one of the problems with common names, what we in Mass. may call a "forget me not" may have a different name in KY or a third name in CA. I agree with the other poster that #923 is a Viola (common name violet). Violets can be aggressive /invasive, but many people like to keep them for the flower and their use as a ground cover. And even though they can be aggressive, they are relatively easy to weed out.
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        As to the rest of the pictures; #924 it's hard to tell the size of the plant #925 is just the opposite, the picture is a bit too far away to get detail of leaves and possible blooms and finally #926 really mixed in with other plant materials and hard to figure out what leaves go with the flower. If you want to try and give us more info or more pictures that would be helpful.
        After a little more thought and a little picture manipulation I would ask you to google Viburnum trilobum, as a possibility for #925, again depending where you live they may have recently flowered or may soon flower (here in Mass many of the viburnums are just now coming into bloom zone 6-7).
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