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    O.K. Here is what I know.
    He /she was found in moist soil about 3inches below ground.
    When touched tries to attack or scare.

    Didn't succeed to scare me, so pretended to be completely dead. Lifeless!

    I left it alone,went back after a few minutes and it moved.
    *I touched and tested the behavior a few times to see...It was alive!
    *I found two this past season,different ones at different times and locations.
    *Searched the area for another, no sign of another.Both got away when I left it unattended.No it wasnt the same one unless it wiggled 130 feet*LOL

    Post your critter pics here!

    What is this CRITTER??


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    Hi Kale,

    What an interesting bug!* We don't have a forum to id critters, so this forum is just fine for posting.* I suspect your critter is some type of worm as I don't see any legs to indicate it might be the larval stage of some type of beetle, bug or amphibian.* I have searched for hours and can't find any worm that looks like that.* I would suggest you post a pic and ask at one of these sites.* Be sure to let them know where it was found as this first site is in Canada and how long it is.* If you have a pic with a coin or something else that shows the size relative to that object, that would be good to include.

    If this was found in the US, also ask at the local extension service for that state.*

    I'd love to know if you find out what it is.



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      Hello Newt,
      *Im sorry, didn't realize I didn't have my zone there...

      MI.Zone 5(b) depends on who you ask or who is talking *lol)
      Thank you very much for all your time and efforts.It can be rather fustrating.I do appreciate your efforts.
      *I have been knocking myself out trying to figure this one out.Several hours of time into this critter.(I have more but trying to figure this one out first)
      I thought Id ask a few forum friends before I posted in the "Whatsthatbugsite".I know once I get on there I will forget there is a sunset or rise.I love that site, searched there* but there is someothign new there everyday.Great Site..Thank you.

      I don't think it was a worm because worms do not act DEAD and they sure don't* rattle up to hiss you. They are just* there wiggling about* defenseless.
      I have searched hi and low through my pics to see if I took a pic with a penny,I often do.I have been looking to see the original closer for little leggs or something.
      *I took several but havent renamed so they are just one of the very many numbers in evelopes...
      *I do know the second critter didn't pretend dead for long I ran to get my camera (not far) and when I got back ,,he was gone..out of the container. I put him in unless he camouflaged himeself...hummm.... I just thought of that! ,* which can be possible although I doubt it.. but, one never will know will one*LOL

      I was thinking reptile, I did find a garter snake pic that looked like my little critter.

      second pic on the left.
      What do you think?
      Oh, he/she was between 2-3inches closer to 2 Im thinking.It was around sept or oct not recalling now..

      Thanks a whole bunch Newt!



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        I thought of some type of reptile or amphibian too.* I looked a bit at a worm snake and also at others.* I couldn't find anything that looked like it.* You didn't mention any hissing in your first post so I abandoned that idea.* I think I might have kept searching if I'd thought it was a snake.* That is probably what it is, a young one that is hybernating since you are in Michigan.*

        Please let me know if you find out what it is.* It's so interesting.



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          Im sorry I did mean to stress the hissing by stating* "When touched tries to attack or scare."

          No actual hissing was heard, just the movements.

          I did not find him /her now; it was in late summer early fall.

          Just trying to figure what it is. What I may be up against come Spring.
          How to care or avoid.Wondering how many per nesting(?)where they would be hidden ,what time of year* what the babies eat and whatever it is I need to know to make them at home if in fact I want them to feel safe* here and/or how to scare them away if I do not.
          Thank you for your efforts in this critter puzzle:D You would go along the thought that it is a garter snake? Research it as such?

          We only have 3 here in MI according to a site I found.

          Now if I can find the rest of the info out I will be educated by spring!
          I hope they get to stay *lol



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            Kale, sorry I misunderstood.* You said, "worms do not act DEAD and they sure don't* rattle up to hiss you," so I thought you meant it made a hissing noise or a rattle noise?* If so, look up images of juvenile rattle snakes for your state as well as the garters or any other snake in your area.* I still think contacting your local extension service might be a good idea.* Any zoos in your area where a herpitoligist might be helpful?* How about a pet shop that sells snakes?* It could be that someone released something exotic that shouldn't be there.

            You've really got me curious.* I found this site that might be helpful.



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              No problem Newt..
              I found this that states 3 kinds of garter snakes*

              then on the other MI site* that you posted there are more,I just may find all my info

              there if not..I still have time to get armed with info until spring*lol

              Thanks again.

              I'm going to just conclude that it was a baby garter snake...



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                If I remember from the other forum where we met, you live in an established neighborhood, not in the country.* I wouldn't just assume it's a garter snake, especially since you saw more then one and they appeared to be juveniles.* I hope you can id it.* Maybe a fiield guide from the library would be helpful.