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looking for any type of hoya cutting!!! please!!!

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  • looking for any type of hoya cutting!!! please!!!

    hi, i just got my first hoyas and am now in love with them, i would really like to start collecting them, so im looking for anyone who might have a cutting or plant i can have? i am a stay at home mom living on a vary tight budget and would really like to expand my hoya collection from the few that i have. i dont have really any money to pay for them so if you would be willing to donate them to a low income stay at home mom who just wants to expant her collection that would be great... also if you are interested i crochet and just started learning how to make plant hangers, if you would be willing to send me some cuttings i would be more than happy to make you some plant hangers to trade. please email me at and i can send you pics of the hangers ive made for myself if your interested
    thank you!
    also just so you know what i already have, i have hoya carnosa krimson queen, hoya carnosa krimson princess and a regular hindu rope and a varregated hindu rope... they are all very small plants though, so i would be happy with these plants too if i were able to get a bigger plant...