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    i have to thin out the plants,so i have peonies,day lilies,lilac and yuccas.

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    Good morning, Thats

    Do you have any particular plants in mind that you would like to receive? I'll be dividing perennials in the next week or two and will have Purple Coneflower, Purple Mexican Petunia and Dbl Orange Sherbet Day Lily.

    I don't know if these would be suitable for your zone or not since you didn't have that information in your profile. (You can add it in the Location box) I would be interested in your day lilies, depending on the color.

    Let me know if you want to do a swap. :)


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      I too am interested. What colors or cultivars of daylilies, peonies and lilac do you have? I have at least one start of several different herbs: Lemon Thyme, Common Sage and Variegated Sage, and Rosemary. I also have several different Hostas (don't know the cultivars) a large bluish leaved one that will get at least 2' tall, and a couple of Variegated leafed ones. I have several different unnamed red daylilies as well.
      Feel free to email me at if interested in a swap.



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        Anybody know where I can get a Venus Fly Trap? That'd be cool. I wonder if you have to feed them if there isn't a fly around?



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          Looking for plants zone 6, Ohio

          I love all plants and the variety of them. I am looking also to swap my purple mums for other colors. I have browneyed susans, orange lilies, purple iris, columbine, daisies, viola and small tulip bulbs. I also have small scallion bulbs that I cut the tops off of and use as chives. These are hardy and lots better than the dried stuff you pay an arm and a leg for at the store.


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            Willing To Trade

            After (actually still doing) turning over dirt and redoing my flower gardens - I have WAY to many bulbs (and still finding more). With them all being mixed up I honestly can't say which are which - but am more than willing to trade if folks don't mind getting a surprise package !! :lol:

            Sher in North Central Ohio


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              Does any one know how to plant an avacado seed?
              the other more related forums were 'locked"


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                :) That's an easy one .. peel off the skin. Put three (3) toothpicks around the flat end about 1/4 way up. Set your avocado over a glass (or jar) filled with water - you want the flat portion of the seed to touch the water. Put it preferably in front of a window and watch it grow !!

                Once the roots are established and growing you will start to notice a plant coming out of the tip - you can then, if you want, go ahead and plant in soil.

                My kids always had one of these growing as does my grandson now



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                  actually, on the subject of avocado seed planting:

                  you can just toss them on top of a planter full of potting soil, I usually
                  put them sideways (flat end one side, pointed end the other side),
                  and press them in a little ways. Keep moist but not soggy. Avocados
                  don't like wet feet (but that's book knowledge - I haven't had one
                  die of wet feet on me yet)
                  Being tropical or thereabouts, they like temperatures around 75-80F.
                  Around here any avocado seed will grow unless you put it in the freezer
                  for a day or so.

                  Maren, in Hilo, HI


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                    We are drifting off topic here. How do we trade in this forum? Everyone is talking about all these extra plants they have but how do you close the deal?

                    I have a ton of stuff for trade. I have Over 55 species of palms, Bromeliads, Agapanthus, Amaryllis plus more.


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                      Hi - I have these plants to trade;

                      albion strawberry plant
                      canna wyoming plant
                      fragrant dolly madison lilies
                      mixed oriental lilies, pink,red white,yellow
                      turkscap lilies
                      lollipop lilies
                      algarve lilies
                      president clematis, roots

                      I am looking for flowering perennials and more...
                      Thank you, Mistee