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Tropical Plant Suppliers in the U.S.???

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  • Tropical Plant Suppliers in the U.S.???

    [align=left]Does anyone know a few good tropical plant suppliers, that have good pricing? Everything seems to cost quite a bit, (including 1 seed for $15 we have come across!).[/align]
    [align=left]Especially interested in Jade vines right now.[/align]
    [align=left]Thanks greatly...[/align]

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    Hi Morgandy,

    At this site you can check references for mail order nurseries and even search for specific plant material.



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      [align=left]Thanks there a way to search by plant/by suppliers?[/align]


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        You are very welcome!* Yes, just scroll down to 'Browse by Catagory' and click on the down arrow.* Scroll down to "Plants: Tropical and Tender Perennials" or "Seeds: Tropicals" and click on 'Go'.* Once at the first page for your search, you can click on the header (Location or Company) to change your sort.* Then look at the reviews for each.

        Another option would be to google with terms such as:
        inexpensive tropical plants
        inexpensive tropical plant
        inexpensive tropical seeds
        cheap tropical plants

        You'll probably find other boards where folks talk about what they purchased and what they thought of the company.* You can click on the cached version and your search will show the highlighted words so you can skim through the sites.* Some boards even have plant exchanges.* You could also google with terms such as:
        red jade vine + exchange
        Mucuna bennetti + exchange
        red jade vine + trade
        Muncuna bennetti + trade
        red jade vine + SASE
        Mucuna benetti + SASE

        I usually recommend searching with the botanical name, but often folks that exchange will use common names.

        Hope that helps,


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          You won't be able to ship a mucuna seed in a normal envelope.
          They are about the size of olives, only with a very hard shell
          (look up sea beans). I have a few, but most of them are rather
          old and I don't know what kind of mucuna they are. I'd sell them,
          but the postage would have to cover "small package" rates
          +packing. You don't want to pay that for one seed. But, yes, I
          agree , $15.- is excessive.



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            Hate to reply to myself, but I'm in the process of finding out
            that shipping these from Hawaii may be more complicated
            than I thought (and not allowed to everywhere).

            Will update this post when I find out more.

            so, here's the update:
            'seabeans' from Hawaii can be shipped to most states, one
            exception being California, others probably Louisiana, Texas
            and New Mexico. They can be shipped to Florida.

            Palms, Etc.: Tropical Plant Seeds - Plants & Lilikoi
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              Website to find Hawaiian Plant seeds

              This site specializes in Native Hawaiian Seeds, and Introduced Tropicals. Prices include shipping and handling