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Need help on plant information

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  • Need help on plant information

    recently i received an assignment from my lecturer
    i have to find information on two types or plant which are

    alternanthera amoena
    clerodrendrum macrosiphon

    i have some problems to these plants

    1st about the alternanthera amoena
    i found out that alternanthera amoena also known as alternanthera ficoidea var. amoena, but when i googled it, there are a lot of different pictures, some are purple some are green some with different which is the real one?
    besides, the common name for this plant is "Joseph's Coat" or "parrot leaf"

    2nd about the clerodrendrum macrosiphon
    i know that this plant is also called as "witches tongue", "do-re-mi" plant, "musical note" plant and "morning kiss"...but i still do not have enough information..anyone can provide any useful information??

    Thanks for anyone that help

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    You are getting really specific about the subspecies and hybrids. What sort of lecture is this? I'd imagine if you were in a horticulture program at a college level you'd have better resources than a message board.

    So this may not really help: I've grown alternanthera before. I don't know which type, but I do know that as with most brilliantly colored leafy plants, they are more colorful in more sun. An alternanthera grown under shade trees would be greener, with the purple becoming more obvious with increased sunlight and the other lighter colors coming out with still more sunlight.

    I've known many clerodendrums, but not the specific one you name.