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  • which shrub?

    I need to find a ground covering shrub to plant under the shade of photinia. The area is usually dry and is exposed to northern winds. Which plant would be ideal?

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    Hello, GreenFingered. Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area. Thanks for the
    question. How shady is it under those photinias? The reason I ask is that if some decent
    light gets under the photinias during a portion of the day, the selection of plants would
    increase dramatically. For now, here are a couple of plants that will work under your
    conditions. I donít know what state, town, or plant zone you live in but these succeed in
    most zones.

    The first is a shrub called Nandina domestica (heavenly bamboo). It grows in most zones, takes
    sun to shade, and needs little to moderate water. Pick a low growing variety.
    If you want a trailing groundcover, try Vinca minor (dwarf periwinkle). It grows in all zones, takes
    sun to shade, and needs little to moderate water too.

    Remember to give them water in the beginning to get them established. Take care.


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      Re: Which shrub?

      Thank you Hortman. I think I'll try vinca for a start and see how it's going to fit.