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Need landscaping ideas for planing anchor trees or shrubs in

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  • Need landscaping ideas for planing anchor trees or shrubs in

    I'm in Zone 8, the front of my house faces the west.* I get great sun on the south side of the front of my house but the north side has a huge Texas Red oak that completley shades that side of the house.
    I need some ideas for anchor type shrubs or ornamental trees to plant on the corners of my front landscaping around the foundation.
    I planted Blue Point Junipers not realizing they need full sun.* I would like to plant evergreens of some sort and something that will grow tall.
    Please help.....all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Ruth,

    It helps to know your zone, but without knowing your state these trees might not be available in your area.* I might recommend different trees and/or shrubs if you are in zone 8 in Georgia then if you are in zone 8 in Arizona.* What state are you in?* Since you mention a Texas red oak, are you in Texas?

    I'm also a bit confused because you say the north side has the tree but you need a tree/shrub for the west side.* Maybe the tree is on the nw corner and it shades the west side?* Just how much sun, if any, does the area get?

    Is this the same request as here?



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      Hello Newt....thanks for your reply.* I posted this question in two areas hoping to get some good ideas so I also replied to your other post under General Gardening.

      I'm in Texas and you are right about the loacation of the large Red Oak.* It is on the north end of the west side of my house.* I'm guessing maybe two to three hours of sun and maybe not even that much.

      Does this help?



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        Ruth, you are very welcome.* I'm posting my answer to your question on both forums for all to see.

        Thanks for getting back to me.* It sounds like you have a shade situation, at least once that oak leafs out.* Shade is considered 2 hours or less of direct sun.* I think I have just the site for you from your extension service.* I'll give you the link, but from that list the evergreens I would recommend:
        Yaupon Holly aka Ilex vomitoria - ht. 15', wd. 10' There is also a weeping variety with a narrow profile called Ilex vomitoria 'Pendula' that you will see at this first site.* This would be my first recommendation, especially for the wildlife value.

        Nellie R. Stevens Holly aka Ilex 'Nellie R. Stevens' - ht. 10', wd. 10'

        Here's the link that has recommendations for small shrubs to large ones to groundcovers to large trees, both evergreen and deciduous.

        You might also find this helpful.

        This site has wonderful info and you can search plants and get great ideas.* A visit would be quite a wonderful experience.* :)

        If you need sites on how to plant, mulch and water just let me know.

        Since this is a duplicate post in another forum, I'm going to duplicate the answer there as I think it's an important question.