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large shrubs under redwoods zone 15

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  • large shrubs under redwoods zone 15

    I've no gardening experience; 'have redwood trees in shaded area but need large shrubs as hedge. Ideas welcomed

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    Hi Steve,

    It would help to know more info.* Your hardiness zone and state if you are in the US would help.* I've not heard of zone 15.* Is that a sun zone?** Here's a zip code hardiness zone finder.

    If you aren't in the US it would help to know your country.

    How tall and wide can these shrubs get?*

    Do you plan to put them directly under the redwoods?* You may have problems if you do because of the tree roots.* Can you move the shrubs out away from the trees so they aren't under the canopy?* Then how much sun would they get?
    Full sun -* 6 hours or more
    part sun - 4 to 6 hours of sun
    part shade - 2 to 4 hours of sun
    shade - 2 hours or less of sun



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      i dont think, actually i know that there isnt a such think as zone 15, maybe a typo?

      zones in the US range from 2 in the extreme north to 11 in hawaii area but there is no such thing as 15!


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        Yews are probably your best bet, although they don't get that tall -- perhaps 5 feet or so. Viburnum also are good for shade, but no total shade. Otherwise, look to general shade perennials, such as hostas and a variety of others.


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          With no disrespct to Allison, yews can grow much taller then 5'.* It would depend on which yew you are considering.