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  • Anthurium scherzerianum

    Could someone please advise me about re-potting the anthurium scherzerianum. It has been about 10 yrs since I have done this.
    It is about 2 feet above the pot with about 3 separate stocks. Do I break these off and repot them all (plus the old root) or???? I do not want to lose this plant as it's been extremely happy, blooming winter and summer with about 6 or 7 blooms at all times. Haven't repotted it sooner because I thought I should wait until it quit blooming but it's always blooming it's heart out!! However it has now become a necessity. I would truly appreciate any help. Thanks heaps!

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    Hi Marney,

    Sounds like you've made your Anthurium very happy. Do be careful with repotting and handling this plant as the sap can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

    Carefully unpot it and cut the rhizomes into the desired plants you want.