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  • Peony

    I have done some research on the internet but found no info that I can root a peony from a softwood cutting. My friend gave me a flowers off her aunts peony bush in hopes that I can get it rooted. The stem is about 12 inches long with leaves. I had another person tell me that it will root in sand just as it is, but like I said, I found no such info on the internet. Any thoughts on this?Also it was beautiful while in was in a bottle of water but now that I have stuck it in rooting hormone and put it in a pot, it seems very unhappy with me.

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    I just love peonies and have an herbaceous peony and a tree peony.* Herbaceous peonies have green stems and will go dormant in winter and disappear.* Tree peonies also go dormant, but they are more like a shrub and their woody stems remain visible above ground.* Do you know which you have?* This site explains how to propagate peonies.