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Lavender Turning Brown & Withered?

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  • Lavender Turning Brown & Withered?

    My mom gave me some lavender plants.
    They were planted in well draining soilless mix, and exposed to lots of sun (and heat Zone 11).
    I water them sparingly and keep the soil from becoming too wet for prolonged periods of time (read that lavender hates getting its roots soaked). I water every other day when the soil becomes dry.
    I have had them for 3-4 months now but have noticed them to have lost vigor : they're not of a healthy green color but somewhat pale green to almost brown grey, with the stems turning dark brown as well.

    Are they a goner?
    What am I doing wrong?
    Please help. I had no success growing them from seeds for a year hence they were given to me; first time herb gardener here.

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    I hate to say this but based from the images above, I don't think if it can be saved. However since your lavenders only have a single stem. I would check the pots to see if they need to be potted up. Remove all the dead brown leaves from the bottom of the plant. Pinch the top of the lavender to promote branching. At this time of the year they can be out in full sun in pots, but if it starts to rain heavily and for days on end, put the lavenders in a patio or under the eaves where they can stay a bit drier but still get good light until the rain stops. Check plants for water more often under the eaves, they get almost no water at all even in the pouring rain. I have more perlite in my media so I need to water lavender in pots every couple of days minimum. The lavender I have in the ground is planted on a slight slope and is about a year old. I do have a sprinkler system that waters for 5 min. every 4 days. I rarely water at all at this time of the year. In summer, I water deeply about once a week. I have red clay soil, so it holds on to water for a while. The lavender in the ground was cut back in February but it was a 3ft diameter mound and will get back to that size again by summer.