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    I sow almost all my veggies from seed which is less then years earlier, but still quite a few about 25 different veggies along with* several herbs, annual and perennials.

    I find it to be a true learning experience and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment* from when* they germinate till after harvesting* comes in play!


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    *I use to grow Meconopsis from seed but now I* buy mostly everything.

    If you need help growing, please review:



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      We grew our Strawberries, corn, Petunias, and soon to be rhododendrans from seed. We also just got some Japanese Yew (So we can make our own topiaries) and Fire and Ice Hosta seeds. I'm not nearly as experianced as some folks.


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        I also feel a great sense of satisfaction growing from seed.* Just just hard to wait and sometimes while I am waiting I purchase plants (like tomatos).* A few days later the seed will germinate and then I have too many plants.

        One interesting thing though.* Located in Zone 5, I was really surprised to see that a few of the Tomato fruits that I turned under the ground last year are popping up out of all over the place.* I might try this again this year but in an organized fashion.

        Do you think the seeds were insulated by the fruit over the winter?

        The same happened with a few of the kids pumpkins that we let rot "just to see what would happen" now I'm really in for it...we have pumpkin plants all over the bank in the yard!

        I also find it very cathartic to take the heads off my own flowers and remove the seeds.* Educational Session and a FREE Therapy session!

        Any advice as to the best times to harvest the seeds from the flower heads or instructions for the best results?



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          I grow Lithops, Aechmia and also Welwithschia mirabilis from seeds. Lithops are totally failed, Aechmia is still seedling. W.mirabilis have 75% success because my trial and error effort (plant them in very humid media, got lots of fungi then :D)


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            What do I grow from seed? Just about everything, as we have a short growing season here and it helps to sprout seeds indoors while waiting for the snow to melt.* This year, we did* veggies including tomatos* and various peppers, squash,, green bens, both string style and flat "Italian" varieties.*Flowers include marigolds, phlox, zinnias and the ones I can't think of right now!:?


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              I grow from seeds: Dovyalis caffra and hebecarpa, Diospyros ramelosa and austrarfrica, have also a lot of Goji berry plants. Recently also Diospyros lotus (Date plum) I purchased these last ones in Massachusets and have about 800 left from 5000 bought.
              For a reasonable price at sale.
              Leo in Flanders (belgium)


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                Hi all, newbie here from SC! Right now, I have 70+ varieties of heirloom tomatoes and 30+ heirloom pepper varieties germinating as I type! I also grow herbs from seed, as well as all of our veggies. I love growing Black Eyed Susan vines--they're so easy and gorgeous! My youngest (4) and I have a "Christmas tree" that we started from seed--he's thinks it will be our tree to decorate next year! ;-) Look forward to "meeting" you all and chatting about seeds and plants!


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                  Grow Northern Red Oak Trees from seed.



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                    I grow as much as I can from seed.... The more slow growers I go buy and plant. I like growing them from seed... for me it is curingg that gotta get in the dirt feeling when it is to early to be out,lol.


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                      Although I grow from the seeds as well as from plants BUT I love to grow seeds.
                      It is indeed an immense satisfaction to be able to turn a small seed into a healthy and tasty plant.