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Ilex opaca as hedge ?

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  • Ilex opaca as hedge ?

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm searching for some suggestions ... I'm looking to plant a privacy hedge in my backyard and have been investigating a ton of options. The hedge needs to have some specific characteristics:

    - Deer Resistant
    - Partial Shade Tollerant
    - Tall - I'm looking to start with 6' or higher and need it to grow taller.
    - Evergreen
    - I know a lot of people suggest boxwood, I don't think this will work because it's too slow growing for my needs.

    I'm located on Long Island, NY (Zone 7). I originally was going to use Nellie Stevens Holly until I learned that Deer often destroy them. After some more investigation I'm considering Ilex Opaca (American Holly). I'm curious if anyone has used these as a hedge? The articles I've read have mentioned this as a good choice, however it also seems to be more like a tree? I'm wondering if this can be controlled and managed as a hedge with careful pruning? Anyone have any thoughts?

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    leyland cypress, but you will have to prune them


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      I've read on several sites that Leyland Cypress are often destroyed by Deer:

      Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance: Home, Lawn & Garden