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Shade garden. The main features.

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  • Shade garden. The main features.

    I heard a lot about shade gardens...
    The question is how to maintain and clean it?
    what are the features of looking after shade garden?

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    I imagine if it's shaded by a tree you may want to get some of the leaves out now and again. A rake with pliable tines spaced far apart may work well and maybe one of those small rakes for tight spots. But really, if the leaves are just on the ground and not covering plants, you may want to leave them there. You may want to pay extra attention to weeds. Some shade plants don't grow very fast and weeds could out compete them pretty quick.


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      The main features of shade garden is bushes and trees, it also can have water features looking like real pond or something.


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        Gardening in the shade has some benefits. First of all, moisture doesn’t evaporate as rapidly in the heat of summer reducing the need for watering. Pests seem to be less of a problem in the shade. This includes weeds because weed seed germination is poor in shady situations. Thanks.