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A Multi-genarational Garden

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  • A Multi-genarational Garden

    This is the garden of our ancestral home that was built by my great grand father back in the late 1920's. It's been passed on from several garden enthusiasts in the family and I guess for this generation it's me.

    It actually suffered a lot when my grandmother started getting old and nobody else was taking any interest. Sometime during college though, I kind of felt sorry for the whole place because its such a grand old house but it really looked tired and was overrun with weeds and stray trees, so I said i'd fix it up a bit. It was a half hearted attempt but I think that was the start of the gardening bug for me.

    My Father inherited the place and probably 12 years ago I started actively taking care of it. I recently got into blogging and have been recording all the activities that we have been doing to bring the house back to it's former glory.

    Here's a link to my post on my update on the status of the gardens :

    This Old House: Garden Update- Year Zero

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    Absolutely stunning .


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      Another post giving a backgrounder on the gardens

      Thanks SmokeymistGardens

      You might also like this post:

      This Old House: The Front Yard, Grandma and Palm Trees

      It sort of narrates how I got started with fixing up the house and the "gardening linkages" between the previous generation and me.

      Feel free to explore the blog there are lots of gardening stuff in there an posts on really exotic and rareplants.