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planting Lady Fern

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  • planting Lady Fern

    I received my bareroot lady fern - not sure how the root should be planted meaning which direction in soil. No instructions. I cannot tell a top from a bottom.

    Thanks - Cheryl Zone 7

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    Hi Cheryl,

    Gosh, I sure wouldn't order from those folks again.* There shoild be a place where all the roots attach to one point and the rest of the roots should extend away from that point.* That would be the top.* Soak the roots in tepid water for about 2 hours.* Enrich the planting bed, not just the hole, with lots of compost and mix it into the entire planting area.* Dig a hole about 4" deep with a small mound in the middle of the hole so you can splay out the roots, putting the point where all the roots meet on top of the center of the mound inside the hole.* They should look a bit like the inner workings of an umbrella.* Now cover with the enriched soil, press gently and water well.