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  • Summer and Fall examples

    Cottage Garden summer and fall examples ....

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    "Cottage gardens are attributed to English origin and are typically random and carefree in form."

    "Originally, these gardens were created by the workers that lived in the cottages of the villages to provide them with food and herbs with flowers planted in for decoration. The more common flowers to the cottage garden were hollyhocks, delphinium and daisies in addition to the flowering herbs. The method of planting closely packed plants reduced the amount of weeding and watering required."

    "Today, a cottage garden is often primarily flowers and completely free-form in nature. Many gardeners attempt to use heirloom varieties of plants in their cottage gardens to preserve the antiquity of the method."


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      No cottage gardens in THESE photos!


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        Is this your garden in the photos? It looks fantastic. Any photos of it finished? I live in a traditional cottage in Sussex, UK, with a traditional cottage garden. I was mainly laid to lawn by the previous owner.*We're looking to remove about 20% more of the grass over the winter*to convert into a planting area.


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          Will my flowers rebloom?

          I am planting a new Cottage Garden. I was given a few hundred flowers and I had to plant them all so I didn't get to finish in one day. At first I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin! Then it was beginning to get hot outside and time was limited so, I just started planting them in areas that I want flowers to grow I put water on the ones that were laying in the heap (the gardener left them that way under a tree), they got very dry and wilty. I planted the rest today and was hoping that they would either come back or reseed.

          They are Hollyhocks, Iceland Poppy, Primroses, Stock, and quite a few other pretty, long, colorful, Cottage Garden types that I don't know the name of. You can tell it is supposed to be a garden but everything is looking a little sickly from the shock. I did look up the ones that I named and read that they are perennials. Any idea if they will come back? Are they hearty flowers?

          Any advice on how to care for my new garden would be appreciated. I have given them lots of water.


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            I would assume you placed your plants in good soil and the correct sun location. If the roots are healthly, they will bloom again. What's your planting zone and your current day time temp?


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              I am in zone 10. We seem to have good soil although this is my first year planting here so I will soon find out. The temperature yesterday was 90 and today will be in the 70's. It is varying. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow. The gardener left another bunch last night so I will try to get those in the ground today.