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  • Butterfly Garden Project

    I'm planning to start my very own butterfly garden. Has anybody done this? If so, I'd appreciate any helpful tip. Thanks!

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    I found a very helpful article at: Article - How to Have Your Own Butterfly Garden

    I would be very thankful if anyone else could point me to any other informative article.



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      In addition to your recommendation on this forum plus others, you can find useful information on google using the keywords 'butterfly gardens'

      How to Make Butterfly Gardens | University of Kentucky Entomology


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        Thanks so much backyardgardener. Any other suggestion are very welcome. :)


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          All milkweed varieties are both nectar and larval food plants, pick a milkweed variety that grows in your area. Remember to include plants for the caterpillars as well as nectar plants.

          Where is your garden located, zone would be helpful, I may be able to give you a list of butterfly plants if you are still looking.


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            you have to plant too many plants for the caterpillars... you need to take good care of them though really they're quite scary... :) :) .. make some arches to make the garden really beautiful and a very nice place for the butterflies.


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              Caterpillars scary?? If you want butterflies, the best way to get them is to feed the caterpillars. It doesn't take much to do this and you don't need to take care of them, they do that for themselves. I have found that for many plants, the caterpillars trim back the old leaves, encouraging the plant to grow lots of new leaves, in the end the plants generally look better. I have 4 milkweed plants in my garden and this year I have more Queen butterflies (relative of the Monarch) that I can count, one day I think there were about 20 of them. Beautiful! I would never see so many Queens if I hadn't planted the Milkweed.

              Butterfly gardens are fun! :)


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                Plants for sale

                Some people only like to look at the butterflies, while others like to take pictures as well. Others try to help the butterfly population by planting native plants which rare or threatened butterflies feed on.


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                  Butterflies are some of the most beautiful and interesting creatures on Earth. A butterfly garden is an easy way to see more butterflies. Nectar-producing plants will attract butterflies to your garden. Many nectar-producing plants are native species which require little attention, as they are naturally adapted to the region in which they live. Butterflies are attracted to flowers with strong scents and bright colors where they drink sweet, energy-rich nectar. Select plants that are native to your area and they will attract local butterflies.