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  • Some gardening tips??


    1) Plants:
    * Plants are naturally drawn towards sunlight making their leaves and stems bend over. Turn plants a quarter of a turn every few days.
    2) Temperature:
    * Plants that are grown in temperatures lower than those recommended for them suffer. Look for leaves around the outside they would be the first to suffer.
    * A combination of high temperature, low humidity and dry compost causes plants to wilt rapidly and foliage to shrivel.
    * Falling leaves indicates rapidly changing temperature especially if compost is too dry or too wet.
    3) Watering:
    * Water is vital for plants growth. Plants absorb water through their roots and release it into the atmosphere through their leaves.
    * Tapping a side of a clay pot is one way to judge if compost inside is dry. A ringing note indicates that it needs water and a dull note indicates that no water is needed.
    * Wilting of plant indicates too much and too little water. Plants seldom recover when water is not given. Healthy leaves and stem indicates sufficient water.
    * To save an excessively watered plant, remove the soil ball from pot, keeping the plant inside, use an absorbent kitchen towel to soak up excess water, leave the soil ball until it dries a bit and pot up the plant into fresh compost and a clean pot.
    * Lightly misting leaves with clean water aids plant recovery. Do not mist plants with hairy and soft leaves as it leaves unsightly marks.
    * Dry and brittle leaf edges, brown edges on yellow and wilting leaves, old leaves falling of, flowers that fade quickly etc indicate that compost is too dry.

    Thanks for reading

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    Thanx for the info ..... really appreciating :)


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      Nice Information

      I would like to add one thing that if your plant has some problem, take it to a nursery near by, they would be able to diagnose your plant well and give you a good tip to keep your plant, fit. Hence you will get experience and could be able to guide others in a good way also. thanks for the tips


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        if your plant has some problem, take it to a nursery near by, they would be able to diagnose your plant well and give you a good tip to keep your plant, fit.


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            Organic gardening tips for creating a garden that's exploding with life, beauty ... Some design tips that are important to come out with a garden that really works.


            Garden Tools
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              Nature lovers view gardening as a creative outlet. It is also one of the eco-friendly hobbies that you can do around your house. Spring season is the best time to get started. Your entire crop will be based on your preparation, so, go out and get ready to plant. Read more: Gardening.