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Growing Inky Fingers Coleus inside?

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  • Growing Inky Fingers Coleus inside?

    Is it possible to grow Inky Fingers Coleus inside?

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    Yes. Coleus can be grown as a houseplant.

    Indoor coleus tends to stretch out somewhat compared to outdoor plants and the color may not be as vibrant but it should do OK. Pinch it back when needed to keep it from getting leggy. If you can keep it going you can take cuttings from it next spring too. and then replant it outdoors.
    One other major issue with bringing outdooor plants indoors is to watch out for bugs. get some insecticidal soap and give it a good spray twice, one week apart and keep it away from your other houseplants until you know it won't be full of spider mites or fungus knats, ants or whatever critters are in your area. pretty well all outdoor plants will have at least a few resident insects in/on the leaves or the soil it is planted in.
    The new coleus the plant breeders keep coming up with are stunning. good luck. it should make a cool housplant.


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      Thank you for that information.

      Is it hard to raise it from seed?


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        I was wandering that is it easy to start growing it from seed. Is germination lot of slower when temperature isn't exactly the same what it should be. I was thinking it should not matter so much. My plan is to grow it inside so it should be "ok" for the plant.

        Is it enough light on my table when it is located approximately 6 feet from window?


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          Hello there.
          If you really want this particular coleus, it would be best to buy a plant at your garden center if it is available.
          I believe "inky fingers" is a hybrid coleus which usually means that it's seed is sterile or if not sterile, will produce plants which do not look like the parents. To grow the fancy new hybrid coleus, generally this is done by rooting stem cuttings. this is not hard to do so if you have access to a plant like a friend or neighbor, ask if you can have a cutting. they root easily in water. this can be done for personal use but you cannot sell such plants comercially without a licence from the breeder.
          otherwise, there are coleus seeds available at seed shops or garden centers or online. Coleus is sometimes sold by the single variety and sometimes sold as a mix of different kinds. they are not "inky fingers" but they are nice as well. This coleus seed can produce a nice houseplant and it is not hard to grow although they do take a while. follow the directions on the seed packet and pinch them back freequently to encourage bushiness. bright indirect light works well for coleus so 6 feet from a bright window would work I think.
          happy gardening