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It looks like a large, red iris?

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  • It looks like a large, red iris?

    I live in Texas, there is a flower I see often. It looks like a large, red iris. It is scarlet red. I don't think its a member of the Iris family, though. It just resembles an iris. Its larger than the average iris. It grows in spring and summer. It seems to do well in warm weather. I need to know the name, because I would like to buy the bulbs and plant them....anyone know?? I would be ever so grateful to find out.


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    without a picture or ever having been to Texas,,,,LOL
    I'm going to take a wild guess at this one and suggest you look up Red Canna or Red Canna lily on google and see if this is what you are talking about. Canna's are not true lilies but do have a large flower which can resemble iris in some cultivars. They also come in many other colors and sizes from dwarf to giant. they grow from large bulbs which can be kept from year to year. foliage can also be very decorative/colorful depending on the cultivar.
    anyway that is my guess :) anybody else care to try?
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