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  • Arnica

    I have an Arnica Montana plant in a pot that's doing pretty well. I was thinking I'd bring it into the house for the winter, but a friend of mine thought it might do better if I just bury the pot and let it winter (New Jersey winter) naturally.
    If anyone has any ideas about how to proceed, please let me know.

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    Dear Judyvee,
    Howdy, I'm "Coach Dave" and I work for The Home Depot. I've had years of experience growing Arnica and what I really like about this flower is it's ability to grow well without any fertilizer needed.

    As for bringing them in the house as opposed to burying the pot, why not divide the plant and bring half in the house and plant the remainder? This way you can have your Arnica, and plant it too?

    As you might have noticed, Arnica grows very quickly. With this in mind, re-planting every season is a realistic option. You can gather whatever flower heads have died to use for seeds this coming Spring or purchase a new batch of seeds if you don't have the time.

    If you have anymore questions don't hesitate to let me know.

    Yours Respectfully,
    Coach Dave