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Cacti Home

OLD MEN CACTI (Cephalocereus)

These elongated-globular cacti have numerous representatives in both North and South America. They are characterized by the long white hair with which their surface is matted. Species listed, with the exception of C. phaeacanthus, require full sun and little moisture.

Cephalocereus catingicola {short description of image} Brazil. Flowers, white.
Cephalocereus euphorbioides Brazil. Flowers, red.
Cephalocereus gounellei   Brazil. Flowers, white.
Cephalocereus phaeacanthus   Brazil. Flowers, white. This species will stand considerable water.
Cephalocereus sendis   Mexico. Flowers, pink.

In the South American Oreocercus, species are also clothed in long white hair similar to that found in Cephalocereus. You will find some of these cacti listed in catalogues under Old Man of the Andes, and Old Man of the Mountain.