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Cacti Home

HEDGE HOG CACTI (Echinopsis and Echinocereus)

Echinopsis. Species in this South American genus are small, elongated ball-shaped, and very free-blooming during spring and summer. The flowers are lily-like, in-white, pink, and yellow. The plants form clusters after they have become well established. Except where noted, only partial sun is required for best growing conditions, and a medium amount of water (every six or seven days).

Echinopsis aurea {short description of image} Argentina. Bright yellow flowers. Keep this species quite dry, and it prefers full sun.
Echinopsis calochlora   Brazil. Flowers, white, many petalled.
Echinopsis eyriesi   Brazil. Flowers, white.
Echinopsis multiplex   Brazil. Large pink flowers. Six to twelve open at a time.
Echinopsis sylvesni   Argentina. Flowers, white. Keep this cactus on the dry side.
Echinopsis turbinata   Argentina. Frilled white flowers of unusual beauty.

Echinocereus. This group is native to Southwestern United States and Mexico. Plants are small, ribbed, and finger-shaped, with short, blunt branches. Large flowers appear on the branches during the summer in different shades of red, purple, and yellow. These cacti require from partial to full sun and little moisture.

Echinocereus blanki {short description of image} Mexico. Lovely pink flowers.
Echinoccreus brandegei Lower California. Flowers, purple.
Echinocereus merkeri Mexico. Flowers, large, purple.
Echinoccrcus pentalophus Mexico. Flowers, pink.