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Narcissi or daffodils (they are the same) are more popular as garden subjects than as house plants, with the exception of the so-called Chinese sacred lily, a bunch-flowered narcissus (N. tazelta orientalis) and paper-white narcissus, which are widely grown in pebbles andwater. The trumpet varieties may be forced, too, for bloom indoors. Plant them in Potting Mixture 4, omitting the cow manure, and allow about twelve weeks for rooting--they cannot be grown in water.

The Chinese sacred lily, paper-white narcissus, and a yellow-flowered relative, listed in catalogues as Golden Yellow Narcissus, Soleil d'Or, are the varieties to grow in the pebbles and water. Tuck the bulbs into the pebbles for support and keep the level of water just below the bases of the bulbs. While many gardeners do not bother to root these varieties in the dark, better flowers will usually reward those who do take the trouble to do so for three or four weeks. Do not root out of doors, however, for the bulbs are tender and quickly injured by frost. Trumpet varieties flowered in the house may be saved and planted outside, but narcissi grown in water are of no further use and should be thrown away when through blooming.