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LiLy-OF-THE-VALLEY (Convallaria maialis)

While this familiar, sweet-smelling plant does not grow from a bulb, but a rootstock or rhizome, it is included here with the bulbs for the sake of convenience. Lily-of-the-valley 'pips' are specially prepared for forcing by being frozen. Dealers keep treated stock on hand throughout the year, so you can have flowers when you want them winter or summer. When you purchase for forcing, let the seedman in on the secret; then you will be sure to get the right kind of pips.

They are easy to grow. Plant about 20 in a 6-inch pot or pan with the tips extending above the soil, which, by the way, should be Potting Mixture 1. Keep the pot in a warm, dark, place for about two weeks, or until the shoots are 3 inches high. Then bring them into medium light where they will bloom within ten days to two weeks.