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Many gardeners' experience with lilies indoors is limited to the ubiquitous Easter lily. There are a number of other species which will share with you their beauty and fragrance if you plant and root them properly. Give the bulbs a bath in Semesan before planting, then allot one bulb to each 6-inch pot and see that there is plenty of drainage. Lilies are slow to form roots and you must count on a twelve weeks' burial before they are ready to be brought inside.

Easter lilies are not hardy, yet it is sometimes possible to encourage a second flowering period by planting the bulb in the garden after all danger of frost has past. The plant must be kept growing in the pot in the meanwhile and not allowed to dry off.

In addition to the Easter lily, Lilium auratum, candidum, japonicum, rubellum, lestareum, sulphureum, philippinense formosanum, and speciosum have proved amenable to house culture.